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I intend, snow permitting, to join the Temys Poets for a reading in Beaconsfield on March 4th.

I am hoping to publish a "Selected & New" collection of poetry later this year. Watch this space for details!

 My FIFTH collection, CHANGES can be purchased via Amazon, at all good bookshops  and from my publishers Dempsey & Windle. However I am also making it available to my friends, readers and supporters at a special price via this website...see bottom of this page for details!


CHANGES was chosen by THE POETRY KIT  (www.poetrykit.org ) as their BOOK of the MONTH (February 2017)



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Patrick Osada — Changes. Dempsey & Windle, 2017. 72 pp. £7.99  ISBN 978-1-907435-36-2

The final poem is often the best way into a collection and Changes supports this view. The first stanza of ‘Anniversary’ runs “Uncertain that my memory serves me well—/ my nose pressed to the window of the past/ for images that flicker like old film/ with action blurred and features lost to chance.”. This brings together Osada’s approach to his themes throughout Changes’ three sections— Seasonal, At a Time of Unrest, and Keepsake — together with his preferred use of regular metrical form, often rhymed. Here the half rhyme (past/chance) has a pleasing lightness of touch, avoiding the heaviness that can sometimes come with full rhyme.

Osada’s presentation of the calendar year through plants and weather is both immediate and also layered in memory and questions: on seeing a fox at mid-day ‘… we all rubbed our eyes at what we’d seen.’ In ‘Last Reunion’ the geese whose annual visit marked the year leave, only to be replaced - ‘… men came with plans:/ Theodolites cast shadows over land.’. The then/now continuum/contrast is a unifying feature — childhood memories confronted by present-day reality. In ‘Shards’ Osada shows us men, working by hand, fitting a plate glass window into a local store, and then the modern version: machines, vacuum suction cups, and glazing that seals life inside city tower blocks. This layering of time works particularly well in ‘Monuments’, - ‘Immortalized in bronze, he’s caught mid-fight,/ rushing to catch the Hull to London train/ as if it were that Saturday in May/ when what he saw and wrote secured his fame.’ No need to name the poet or the writing here; Osada trusts his readers.

This collection answers its own question: ‘How do we keep alive what once we were?’ (from ‘Lost Boy’). Attention to changes and the continuing work of transforming these into words hold everything together.

D A Prince


Susan Henderson, novelist (Harper Collins), New York :

“What a gorgeous collection of poems!

Some favourites :  Frost Flowers, Still Life With Feathers, Last Reunion, Rosary, Secret, Death Of The

Poet, Off The Map, To The End Of The Road, Keepsake and Two Words.”

 IAN CAWS, poet, writes :

"I was drawn to the poems about Patrick's parents towards the end of the book. SUNFLOWERS and HAWK attracted me very much, though, with such an even collection, it seems almost wrong to pick poems out. It is such a satisfying collection...A good book to have."

In a long review in HQ Magazine (47/48) Kevin Bailey writes :

The poems in this book spoke to me as a member of a mature fraternity...because, for the older person, they are echoes or mirrors held up to experience - for a younger reader they describe an unexplored land - not full of monsters, but full of beasts and terrain that must be mapped and understood if they are one day to settle there...Ultimately this book by Patrick Osada offers a decent dose of purchasable hope in the form of damn fine poetry...

Click this link for the Greg Freeman's review at WRITE OUT LOUD



“Well Versed In Family Matters” - 21st. Century Poetry with Andy Croft 

For Patrick B Osada, every memory is like the tip of an iceberg, floating unsteadily above the “submerged” history of our lives.

Part of his new collection Changes (Dempsey and Windle, £7.99) is a series of childhood memory poems, most notably the wonderful To the End of the Road, about learning to ride a bike with his dad.

These are paired with poems about his mother in old age, living on the border between unreliable memory and an uncertain present.

It’s a sometimes bleak book, full of cold weather, changing seasons and “remembered suffering” but there are also some perfect moments, as when he recalls his father looking back on his childhood:

“And when I stop beneath those limes today,/through half-shut eyes while lulled by humming bees,/I conjure in the shade another shade — /the shadow of the man he used to be.”



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 Some highlights from readings in 2017:

 I read at The Chipfest Poetry Event at the Old Road Tavern, Chippenham SN15 1JA on JUNE 24th.

I then rushed down to Lewes for the POETRY FESTIVAL on JUNE 25th. I took part in a lunchtime reading with Rebecca Gethin, Claire Dyer and Margaret Wilmot at the Linklater Pavillion. In the afternoon I took part in a question and answer session with Jeremy Page (The Frogmore Papers) on "Getting Published."

I  read at the launch of the Stanley Spencer Poetry Anthology at Cookham on May 12th. with my poem "Approaching Heaven" longlisted for a prize and a place in the "Stanley Spencer Poems" Anthology. A great evening, even though my poem didn't make it to the final shortlist. A full report of the event and photos can be found by clicking on



 I  read at The Keep in Guildford on May 22nd with Kyle McHale details at www.the1000monkeys.com

and read and was MC for the launch of SOUTH 55 in Chichester on May 25th... details at www.southpoetry.org


On January 22nd. I launched my new collection with  a reading in London at The famous Torriano Meeting House, 99, Torriano Ave., Kentish Town, London NW5 2RX with Surrey Poets Donall Dempsey. Eddie Chauncy and Kyle McHale.       A review of the evening can be found at the excellent www.writeoutloud.net  loook for the Review, "Once More With Feeling."

See me reading as the Profiled Poet at the launch of SOUTH 53 - click this link : 



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All poems submitted for SOUTH 57 are currently with the selectors...

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